Registration for College Students

Please Read: Due to a spike in the volume of NetMath course registration requests, we are currently experiencing some delays in processing the registrations. 

NetMath course registrations can take up to 10 business days to process. Students are usually registered within a day or two of submitting a registration request; however, in some cases at this time it is taking up to the full 10 business days to get students started in their NetMath course. UIUC matriculating students are experiencing delays in part due to the turnaround time for our registrar’s office to receive college approvals for the registrations. Our registrar at CITL is working hard to process these registrations as soon as possible. In the meantime, we sincerely appreciate your patience!

This information pertains only to HS graduates, college students and beyond, registering in our 16-week courses open for registration all year round.

Getting Started

Before starting your registration, please review the NetMath Registration Process. (PDF)

Important Information for University of Illinois Students

If you are currently a degree-seeking student at the University of Illinois, please read the information at For Current UIUC Students before registering in a NetMath course.

Please Note: Students currently registered in a University of Illinois Graduate Degree program will be restricted from registering in 16-week Academic Year-term NetMath courses. Matriculating UIUC Grad students will be allowed to register in Summer Session II NetMath courses. 

To Register

Please note the following before registering:

  • You may only enroll in one course at a time.
  • Depending on how much information is required, your registration may take about 5-10 business days to be processed.
  • Once you confirm your enrollment request, you will be enrolled in that course within the next few days barring any account or advising holds.
  • Your time in the course will begin on the date your registration is processed. After registration, you will receive course start instructions from the NetMath office with your official start and end course dates. You should access your course and start working on the material as soon as you receive these instructions. Please Note: There is no mechanism to pause or delay a NetMath course after registration. 

Click on the button below to register. If you are a new NetMath student, you will need to create an account to login.


NetMath® Certificate Program

You may take classes for individual course credit or as part of the NetMath Certificate of Professional Development in Applied Mathematics. If you are registering in the NetMath Certificate Program, please consult the list of course requirements before selecting your class.